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Dr. Levan teachingIn-House Tutorials and In-House Wet Labs
These are scheduled for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 6 hours. Minimum of 6 hours for hospitals greater than 1-hour driving time from Concord, MA.

3-hour: $1289
4-hour: $1490
5-hour: $1690
6-hour: $1890

Additional fees:
• All course fees assume staff of one hospital is represented. If more than one hospital is invited, there will be additional tuition fees.
• Wet Lab supplies:
      o Model preparation: 1 model per participant ($50/model for prophylaxis lab; $150/model for extraction lab)
      o Cadaver: supplier recommendation given
      o Skulls provided free of charge to use in Radiology labs
• Mileage reimbursement at the current IRS mileage rate.
• Hospitals greater than 2-hours driving time from Concord, MA will be responsible for actual and reasonable meal and lodging expenses.
• Flat rate will be charged for hospitals greater than 3 hours from Concord, MA
• Ask for a specific estimate of additional fees.

Email/Telephone Consultation
Minimum $65.00 depending upon time involved. Verbal or email opinion will be provided. Written response can be requested for additional fee. Request should include relevant radiographs and patient signalment with a description of the veterinarian's question(s). Phone to receive an estimate.

Scheduled Telephone Consultation
Minimum $85.00 depending upon time involved. Phone to schedule a specific time and receive guidance about submission of radiographs, etc.

Personal In-House Surgical Consultation
Minimum $1289 depending upon time involved. Phone to receive an estimate.

$1500-2000 depending upon time involved. Phone to receive an estimate.

In-House Emergency Consultation
$1500-2500 depending upon time involved. Phone for availability to receive an estimate.


Fees will be due on or before service is rendered. For consultations in-house, there may be additional mileage and expense fees. Payment may be made by check or PayPal.

Please make check payable to Laura M. LeVan


*At PayPal, on the left, enter the cost amount of your service and click the update link below it. Then continue as normal.

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