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As many of you know, my passion is veterinary dentistry. Since 1993, I have devoted my entire professional life to this discipline. I love "talking dentistry" and I have been conducting courses at Veterinary Dental Services for many years on a limited scale. Now, happily, I am able to expand that service as a separate entity, as I open of Veterinary Dental Education Center to teach veterinary professionals and staff the art and science of dentistry.

My years as a general small animal practitioner have allowed me to understand the many challenges of practice and the demands of keeping up to date with knowledge and techniques. As a referral specialist, I have always enjoyed my interaction with my fellow veterinarian. I remember what it was like to be in the middle of a procedure and wish you were able to ask an expert for advice. It is my intention that my work at Veterinary Dental Education Center will allow me to use my extensive experience in the field to train veterinary professionals in the proper diagnosis and treatment of dental conditions in dogs and cats.

Since I want to share my passion with you, I thought you might like to know how it developed. After graduation from veterinary school in 1976, I worked in a mixed practice in Shrewsbury, MA for one year, then fifteen years in Marlboro, MA in a small animal practice. There, I matured as a veterinarian developing a love for my work and respect for my fellow veterinary professionals. I have been active in local and state VMAs, serving as MVMA president in 1987.

The case that convinced me that I needed to know more about dentistry was a Standard Schnauzer, "Heidi." She had a severe area of inflammation of her bucccal mucosa opposite the maxillary 4th premolar. I discussed "Heidi" with my own dentist; he suggested I do some root planing, gave me a curette and showed me how to use it. With deep scaling and diligent oral home care, "Heidi" was cured! I now know the diagnosis: CUPS (Chronic Ulcerative Paradental Stomatitis). I went on to take dental CE in the 1980s which providing me with the foundations to change my professional focus to dentistry. By 1993 I was ready to devote all my time to caring for the oral cavity of pets. I ran the dental service at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine (as it is now known) and started a dental referral practice, first a mobile one, then founded Veterinary Dental Services in Acton, MA. I became boarded by the American Veterinary Dental College in 2001.

Besides veterinary dentistry, my other passion is gardening. I am an amateur rose gardener, caring for about 60 plants. I also enjoy getting to know the bird species in my yard and combine my love of gardening with bird watching by planning landscapes to attract songbirds. Among my greatest joys on a summer evening, is watching hummingbirds fight over my now prized feeder!

I currently share my home with two cats, Dennis and Woody. By training my fellow veterinary professionals, I consider myself lucky that I can influence the quality of life of their many patients.

I continue to help many zoo and aquarium animals. I volunteer my time at Boston area zoos and the New England Aquarium. It is an honor and thrill to help these exotic species maintain a healthy oral cavity.

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